“Brilliantly written and performed....Personal stories told in the words of those who experienced them are so powerful and the anger and frustration of those people in the days after the tragedy made it fresh and real.” - Nigel Franklin

“Very impressive. Robert Neal Marshall’s adaptation of the Senate Inquiry skillfully scaled 18 days of witness testimony and narratives from the 82 witnesses who were called, into a play that gives voice to tragedy and human nature.”

- Cunard Line Commodore Ronald W. Warwick & Kim Warwick

About the Play

Only days after TITANIC foundered near her last reported position of  41 North 50 West, a US Senate Inquiry was held in New York to determine causes of the disaster. 41N 50W is a documentary style historical drama adapted from over 1,100 pages of the actual 1912 US Senate Hearings testimony that began in New York’s Waldorf Astoria just days after the disaster and only one day after stunned survivors arrived on the Carpathia, 41N 50W is not a retelling of this familiar story, but uniquely focuses on key players and rescue efforts surrounding the tragedy. Pieces of a puzzle fit together as Michigan Senator William Alden Smith and those involved struggle to unravel the truth. These true testimonies in 41N 50W paint a chilling image of unfolding events surrounding the disaster. We see the pieces of a puzzle come together as those involved desperately try to find out the truth and struggle to take action.

TITANIC legacy has endured over 102 years with tales of sacrifice and human tragedy.  In a SeaCity Museum courtroom setting, just blocks from where TITANIC sailed, experience the rare words & stories as spoken on the stand by actual stunned TITANIC survivors, witnesses and closely connected individuals.

10th -19th April 2014 -A Special Engagement

- 10 performance limited engagement at SeaCity Museum

  1. -Opening Night 10th April Titanic’s 102nd Anniversary charity event, supporting the Millvina Dean Lifeboat Appeal/Titanic Heritage Trust on behalf of Royal National Lifeboat Institute, plus celebrate SeaCity Museum's 2nd birthday.

  2. -A special Memorial Service will be held following our 14th April performance.

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April 1912 - the world waited to hear the fate of White Star Liner TITANIC. Heroes and villains were born out of misinformation, confusion and ignorance. These are their actual words.

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Experience actual inquiry testimony of this tragedy that started within walking distance from here in a city forever connected to TITANIC on the 102nd anniversary of her Maiden Voyage & loss.

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At SeaCity Museum

For 10 Performances only, step back in time as 41N 50W is presented in the former Southampton City Hall courtroom adding a special interactive ambiance of the play. SeaCity Museum currently hosts a permanent multi-media exhibition on the British Titanic Inquiry during the day, and 41N 50W in the evening from 10th -19th April at 7:30pm.

There could not be a more perfect place and time where audiences can become members observing actual words of the US Inquiry in a realistic Hearing surrounding with video and vintage images. Seating offers the unique option of general admission, or premium “First Class” leather chairs in the original Jury box or Magistrate’s desk with an elevated view of the action.

Talented actors play multiple roles from a center witness stand, interacting with Senator Smith who moves about and amongst the audience. 


+023 8067 1771 Box Office services by Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

Associate Producer Robb Callahan


+023 8067 1771 Box Office services by Nuffield Theatre, Southampton


+023 8067 1771 Box Office services by Nuffield Theatre, Southampton

"I went to see your play in Southampton yesterday and thought it was brilliant. The whole concept was amazing and I was gripped from the moment it started. I have been telling all my friends about it"

- Kate Drummond

"Brilliant interpretation of the US Senate hearings. The actors and actress played their varying parts so well they they brought alive the testimonies and stories that painted a very chilling unravelling of a complex series of events….The whole production was electric and the performances kept one spell bound from beginning to end" - Christopher & Janet Pickard (Relative of TITANIC victim William Hipkins)

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"Aptly performed in the old magistrates’ court, now a room dedicated to the Titanic within the SeaCity Museum, 41N50W uses the testimony of the 82 people who gave evidence to a US Senate Inquiry days after the disaster in 1912.....cleverly uses its setting within the old court to draw the audience in, making you feel almost as though you were at the original inquiry in New York.....the cast of five wrings more compassion, anguish and controversy out of the disaster than any dramatic adaptation....It is a real achievement that through able performances, some well-chosen sound effects and the actual words of those who survived, 41N50W can bring alive once again that most well-known of catastrophes." -James Franklin, Daily Echo